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Unconfuse Health (UH!) seeks to sort the crap from the credible when it comes to health, fitness and wellness information so that people can feel better and do more for a fuller life.

In an age when we’re overwhelmed with hard-sell quick fixes and marketing disguised as fact, it’s hard to know what to believe. Health media reports are compromised by sponsored contributions or facts are plucked out of context for shock value and the endless pursuit of clickbait. 

At Unconfuse Health we value evidence over spin, sustainable solutions ahead of quick fixes,and the practical and proven over the trendy and faddish. The nutrition, health and exercise sciences are rapidly evolving, so we’re prepared to be open-minded and keep updated with the research instead of drinking the Kool-Aid of the latest cults of fitness and nutrition.  

We want people to be able to do more, feel better, and have the knowledge to take more control of their health. Understanding that information and how it applies to you and your needs is a big part of the challenge. Our skill is communicating the complex and changing knowledge base on exercise, nutrition and health in a way that is easy to understand, informative and entertaining.

Unconfuse Health has a particular interest in those outside the typical fitness target market, such as adults who take up or return to sports at an older age, those who never really got into sport or activity, and those who are trying to find their way to do a specific activity – whether that’s climbing The Matterhorn,keeping up with kids or handling work tasks better.  

Dom Cadden, Director

I started Unconfuse Health because it’s become so difficult to cut through the noise about health and fitness – so hard that it puts some people off even trying. I wanted to have a place where people can find uncompromised information that’s easier to understand, more applicable to them, and a little more fun (but still truthy). Above all, I wanted to challenge how people think about their health and fitness and encourage people to learn how to overcome perceived limitations so that they can be fit and healthy enough to do all the activities they want.

As a health & fitness writer and as a coach, I’ve spent over 20 years trying to sort the fact from the fiction. I’ve written about health and fitness for publications and websites around the world, and coached athletes for a variety of sports, as well as everyday people with health issues ranging from chronic injuries to adrenal fatigue syndrome. I’ve also worked for professional health associations and health promotion projects.

Along the way, I’ve had the chance to interview athletes, coaches, medical professionals, allied health professionals, researchers and sports scientists.

I’ve tried to live by example, developing recipes and cooking methods, and coaching myself for a variety of activities and sports that many might call “conflicting”. I am possibly the only international powerlifting champion (IPF Commonwealth open age and World Masters) who has also completed a 200+ mile alpine trail ultramarathon – both in my 40s. Although to be fair, probably not that many have tried.


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