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10 tips for Exercising at home

Keeping up your exercise while you’re stuck at home is not as easy as it sounds. There are distractions everywhere, it can get oh-so boring and then there’s the lack of space and equipment. Need competition? There’s a constant 2-on-1 with you up against  procrastination and Jack’s complete lack of motivation – and those two are out to #@*! you up. Here are some tips to get you through.

dom cadden

1. Pretend you’re going out – loudly tell everyone in the home the home that you are going to the gym and what time you will be back. By doing this, you are implying “I will be uncontactable until this time, so leave me alone.” If anyone still interrupts your workout, punish them with burpees.

2. Take a drink, towel, anything you need for your workout into the room where you are training – don’t think you’ll just walk to the kitchen to get a drink. This decreases the chance of interruptions or distractions. There’s no need to set up cameras, tripods, lights and filters so you can broadcast this amazing event of you training at home – we don’t care and it will rob your training session of intensity. Just impress us with your mad improvement in fitness and your buffed-up body later on.

3. DO listen to your own music without headphones. Because you can. It also signals to others in the household that gainz are in session.

4. Go clothing optional. Again, because you can, and as another preventative measure against potential interrupters.

5. Do some different training types. You may not have enough weights or other equipment around to vary resistance much like you would in the gym. So take this time to work more on power (lighter resistance but faster movements) and shorter rest breaks or do some circuit-style training. Who knows, with persistence, you may emerge from this crisis ripped AF.

6. Take time to set up your exercise equipment before you start training – you don’t want to battle with a rusted-on barbell nut for 15 minutes in the middle of a workout. Be innovative – look around the house for things that might give you more options for exercises – milk crates, 5kg bags of rice, 3-litre milk cartons filled with water or sand, broomsticks, deadweight people who live with you. Work on agility, do plyometrics, test your reflexes by tossing soccer balls or superballs against a wall. Go into the backyard and throw a tyre, skip rope or do step-ups on garden furniture. Varying your training is the key to keeping it interesting and it will motivate you to keep it up. Trying to imitate your normal training or sticking to the same limited routine will probably do your head in.

7. Don’t multi-task – don’t prepare dinner in between sets (also – HYGIENE, people!), make phone calls, clean the house, watch TV shows or movies that completely take your attention – your attention is supposed to be on your exercise.

8. Pretend that your training sessions are booked in for certain times – just like if you were exercising with a trainer, group/class or sports club. This will stop you putting off your training later and later because you tell yourself that “you can do it anytime”. In fact, maybe even commit with a friend or a bunch of people to train at a certain time. You could even hook-up by video and take turns with each person coming up with exercises or drills.

9. Pets – make it very clear to them that they either stay away or risk being used as exercise equipment (see GIF).

10. Leave your phone in another room. You’re at home – you have ZERO reason to have it with you while you exercise. Don’t even use it to play music or podcasts, use something else – a stereo, an MP3 player, a laptop, music on a USB stick, a child sitting in the corner singing or doing their version of a TED talk about the relative ponginess of farts.


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