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strength and power coaching packages

Do more, perform better and keep injuries at bay with improved strength, power and mobility.

Choose a coaching package to help a friend, a family member or yourself break on through to the next level in a goal activity – whether that’s a sport, an adventure, an occupational task or just being all-round fitter for life. Strength helps you beat the ‘two steps forward, one step back’ rut that comes from recurring injuries and niggles.

I train people a little differently.

There’s no cookie-cutter ‘one-program-fits-all’ solution. It’s your body. You should learn what’s going on with it, how it works, and understand what to do to make it perform at its best. I’m just here to help.

Gym or no gym, with equipment or without, you train alone, with a group or a partner – there’s always a program to suit your situation and resources.


This package identifies what you need to work on, gives you a customized program with instructions, then off you go and do it yourself. The first part of this package is a detailed in-person strength and mobility assessment relevant to your activity. Drills and exercises are then suggested in a program that will fit in with your training schedule. This is demonstrated in a brief follow-up session or with online resources. Revisions recommended every 6-8 weeks.

Best for: People serious about improving their performance; they are free from major injury, they have some familiarity with some strength training and are comfortable doing this training on their own.

Format: 1 X in-person session of 60-75 minutes + program + follow-up 30 min. session (or online) to demonstrate drills, exercises.

Price: $165


This is the kickstarter for people who need a hand working out what strength & power training is right for them and some instruction on how to do it.

It starts with a brief assessment and an explainer on the fundamentals of strength and power training. You get a program of exercises and drills, plus some “get going” sessions – you choose how many in-person training sessions you need to kick-start self-training with confidence.

Best for: Those new to strength and power training or returning after a long absence; people who need to work around an injury or recurring niggle, or people with other physical concerns (e.g. fatigue issues); anyone looking for a kick-start to their strength and power training.

Suitable for couples/pairs and individuals

Format: 1 X consultation/brief assessment (30 minutes min.) + program + 60 minute sessions (suggested – 1 to 6 sessions).

Price: $90 + $75 per session

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A good option for people outside Sydney or for those who have some experience with  strength and power training, but need help working out how to best work this in with other aspects of their training.

Weekly monitoring and consultation by email and phone.

Best for: People training for a scheduled event; those who are more experienced in their activity, but dealing with injuries and/or variables in their life (work commitments, travel, kids) that may require them to have some flexibility with their training (schedule, load, what they can do and where).

Suitable for remote clients.

Format: Online/phone assessment + weekly monitoring and phone (15 minutes) and/or email consultations.

Price: $90 set-up + $30 per week


In person, supervised strength, power, agility training sessions done one-on-one or to your small group.

Sessions conducted in small, quiet gym in North Sydney or in outdoor locations within North Sydney Council area. (Training at your home or workplace may be available on request). Suggested format is once per week with suggested home strength / mobility “homework”.  

Best for: Those who find it hard to get motivated to do strength training alone; people who like variety; want the most efficient and effective training; or they have special needs (e.g. working round health or injury issues – best suited to one-on-one).

Format: Brief in-person consultation followed by 5 (minimum) X 60 minute training sessions (or equivalent time)

Price: $70/session + gym access (if required – $15/session/person) for individuals and pairs. Group rates available on request.

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Dom Cadden is a writer and resistance training coach with a special interest in strength and agility for running, sports and activities. His “be fit for anything and everything” philosophy has helped him try a huge range of different sports and activities, ranging from martial arts to alpine trail ultramarathons to Strongman. In his 40s, he began competing in powerlifting and became Australian, Commonwealth (all ages) and World Masters champion.


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Strength and power coaching packages Do more, perform better and keep injuries at bay with improved strength, power and mobility.