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The Choices

The Choices is a short film that was made for a running film festival.

It shows the 2017 Tor des Geants (TDG), a 339km trail running race set in the Alps in northwest Italy, where it borders with France and Switzerland. TDG is a single-stage race and runners have a limit of 150 hours to complete it. Steep mountains, varied/rugged terrain and rapid weather changes make this the toughest race in the world of its type.

The race includes 25 mountain passes over 2000m and after adding all uphills, the total elevation is 31,000m. The constant altitude variations affect many people in many ways – digestive system problems, swelling, injury, headaches, etc.

The Choices takes a poke at the decisions runners make about their preparation for the race and how they will approach its many challenges.

If you enjoy this film, you can watch The Giants Return, the full-length documentary we made about the race as part of our role as media ambassadors for the TDG and VDA Trailers. 

The Choices
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