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You can look at your nutrition, your pills, teas, massage, cryotherapy and the type of compression you wear, but when it comes to recovery for better performance, sleep is the best tool you have. It’s free, it takes little effort,... Read More
Let me stop you right there. Unless that sentence ends with “start training to be on the national gymnastics team”, “hang out in the high school playground at lunchtime,” or “become a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines”, then no, you’re... Read More
exercise and cholesterol pic
Many people – typically athletes and more active people – like to believe that exercise can decrease stress, make you attractive, help eliminate poverty and create world peace. Well, guess what? It can also reduce cholesterol. This flies in the... Read More
Side stitches have been one of the more nagging and misunderstood pains in sport. In fact, it was once believed that stitches were the result of the gods of sloth, such as Aergia (Greek), Murcia (Roman) and Fegor the Overlord... Read More
How could something that can feel so close to dying actually help you live longer? This is one of the great mysteries of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that countless studies over the last decade have attempted to unlock. The good... Read More
There’s a new modern killer – sitting. Usually we think a chair is only dangerous if someone throws it at you, but research published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology showed that sitting for long periods increased your... Read More


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