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10 tips for exercising at home

Keeping up your exercise while you’re stuck at home is not as easy as it sounds. Beat the distractions, boredom, lack of space and equipment with these top tips.

Pets – make it very clear to them that they either stay away or they risk being used as exercise equipment.

Move it!

Exercise, fitness and sports training

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A 50 year-old with foot and ankle injuries wants to switch from road running to trail ultramarathons. What are the odds? Well, they greatly increase with specific strength training and my secret ingredient – STOP RUNNING WHILE INJURED.
Here’s a guide to how – and what – to eat you’re hitting the trials or the trails or road running for more than a few hours at a time. This info will also help hikers, adventure racers and others who take part in multi-hour endurance events or training activities.

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Small group training specifically for running stregth, power, agilty and injury prevention is available in North Sydney.  

Individual consultations also available for assessment of strength and muscle imbalances, with a customized program provided.  

 we can unconfuse hEALTH for your business OR WORKPLACE

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Fitter,healthier workers are more likely to be happier and more effective workers who are less likely to stab each other with pens. We can provide your workers with uncompromised information that will help them feel better and do more in the long term.

We offer workplace and event seminars on topics such as:

 The Benefits of Strength – for the prevention of  injury and pain, better posture, long-term  health  and a fuller life

 What we get most wrong about fitness & weight management 

How to Avoid Being Crippled by Your Work  Health, mobility and fitness for the office worker 

All sessions include a Q & A session to address the concerns of your workers.

Unconfuse Health will also guide your work team for corporate sports competitions or events.       


Get smart about food, supplements and cooking

Here’s a cake I made when I was getting bombed by bananas from my tree. For the record, though, I did NOT grow the hemp. So please stop it with the helicopters overhead. Time = 20 min. Difficulty = Piece of piss (easy) Result = a healthy and easy cake – yes, you can have your hemp and eat it, too! Note that there is a gluten-free option here...

Get a life

Look after your health so you can do more and be more

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When it comes to health and nutrition, recommendations often get dumbed down to the black and white – this is “bad”, this is “good”. Usually there’s a point of moderation in between. First up, we look at coffee.
Learn to know if you’re too sick to train. Unfortunately, garden variety bacterial infections, colds and other viruses can knock down the athlete almost as much as the non-exerciser – even more, if you’re not careful.
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   Strength - it's a gift!

Do you know someone who needs strength for a sport,

goal activity or just for general wellbeing? Get them

cracking with a ‘Kickstarter Strength’ package,

      which includes a technical assessment of strength

    and muscle balance, an individualised program

     with detailed written exercise description and

1-on-1 instruction. 


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“We potentially live a long time and there’s a lot of things to do and places to see in the world, so the main goal with my training has always been to be fit enough and strong enough to be able to try out any activity I want. The trick is to be healthy, fit and strong enough so that whatever you decide to do, you’re already moving in the right direction to achieve your goal. There’s no use saying “I’ll get fit later” for this activity or that big trip or adventure. The risk is that some health or injury issue will in the way and restrict or prevent you from fulfilling your ability to do something you really set your heart on.”

– Dom Cadden

we can unconfuse health for your business or workplace

male office worker squats




 Fitter, healthier workers are more likely to  be happier, more effective workers - and less likely to stab each other with pens.

We can provide uncompromised information and instruction through workplace or event seminars and workshops on topics such as:

The Benefits of Strength Training - for the prevention of injury and pain, better posture, long-term health and a fuller life.

What We Get Most Wrong About Fitness & Weight Management - let's uncomplicate it all!

How To Avoid Being Crippled By Your Work 

Health, mobility & fitness for the office worker.

Unconfuse Health can also guide your team for corporate sports competitions and events


10 tips for exercising at home – How to make your home training more efficient and effective.

Home exercise equipment rated – 15 training boosters for running sports.

Strength and power coaching packages Do more, perform better and keep injuries at bay with improved strength, power and mobility.